Mission Moments

Thanks to Bob Mone of Mone insurance for his gift of $1250 and his sponsoring company, Arbella Insurance Foundation matching his gift with another $1250!

Mission Moments:

Mission moments from various monthly Board meetings: We start every board meeting with a mission moment, a conversation or experience we have had about the clinic or our projects. This centers us around why we are here working together on behalf of our island community. Here are some examples of member’s experiences confirming the significance of our mission:

February 2022 From Suzan: A friend went to the clinic for a vaccine and was blown away by the welcoming, capable, staff and how easy it was to get an appointment and get jabbed. Judi Hartford, former board member reminisced about how great her time on the board was working with the board and clinic and loved it so much she wants her daughter to join.

December 2021 Terre assured guests, Emily and Cristina, that the care Betsy and staff are providing and being asked for from the community validates our mission and vision. Elliott shared that she visited the clinic asking for a booster, got her shot and when leaving was invited by the receptionist to take food from the table outside. Her experience says so much more besides reproductive health, healthy food, vaccinations, and booster shots, very wonderful on top of everything our staff does.

October 2021 Nili shared that she has been talking with a vaccine hesitant community member and informed her that the clinic was offering Pfizer vaccines and how easy it is to have them deliver. That person did go to the clinic, get vaccinated and will get the second as well. Nili feels great to have helped this person. John offered that he was chatting with a Film Festival staff member and talked about our hopes for a future collaboration and shared that he is on our board. That woman shared that she uses the clinic for all her health care services. John is glad to hear that we are staples of island life and great to hear this from someone who benefits from our clinic. Terre shared that we just today received a $2000 check from a visiting Texas family whose daughter received care at the clinic two years ago and continue to support us with their donations and access matching funds from the gentleman’s company.

June 2020 Kayte, had 3, just today. The Food pantry has been busier than ever and has started to make deliveries to seniors and home bound families, for almost two months now. We are working to be able to get families what they want and need, now we’re starting pre-order program. This afternoon, she spoke with 15 homebound families. She added menstrual products to the list and three women today alone, gave a moment of silence, and then omg! Are you serious? They are thrilled to receive these! Really, exciting!

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