Ally coalition


This is a newly formed group of Friends of Family Planning Board Members and community members working to support the LGBTQA+ people. We started the conversation and will work together to understand and create ways for how we can best support our community members, the trans, non-binary and gender queer people, their families, and the people who support them.

Actually, our board member Molly Stevens, has been working on this for some time and we were just hitting our stride with meetings with other like-minded community folks when covid came.  Our goals are to establish support for the providers who care for them, create a list of friendly providers and perhaps education opportunities for more. We realize that for these folks to have inclusive medical care there will have to be an organizational culture change. We hope to strengthen the emerging knowledge base with providers, including the mental health piece as well.  We have an off island Nurse professor whose specialty is this care and she is willing to come and present at grand rounds and a community meeting.  As was set for this coming fall, and now, we’ll wait to bring her. Resources have been collected and you can find links to these on the resource tab.