Friends of Family Planning of Martha’s Vineyard supports the Family Planning Clinic on the island. We support compassionate, inclusive, life spectrum sexual health care for all people in our community.

Our vision is an island where all people are empowered to access quality sexual health services in a non-judgmental, affirming, respectful environment.



Since 1985 Friends of Family Planning has worked diligently to raise funds to secure the services of the Martha’s Vineyard Family Planning Clinic, Health Imperatives, in our community.

The majority of our patients struggle to feed their families, find adequate housing and health care. All are seeking secure sexual and reproductive health services.

Our fundraising efforts over the years have allowed us to purchase permanent space for the clinic at a very low cost to Health Imperatives, and to promote the awareness of the clinic’s services throughout the island community.

Today, 2020, the federally funded Health Imperatives clinics are in jeopardy as the government has cut and threatens to cut even more funds to title X providers. And so, our work continues with an even greater importance to protect the stability of our island’s only reproductive health center.

As a result of the inspirational, grassroots work of the original members, the continuing dedication of new board members over the years, and the generous support of our numerous donors; Friends of Family Planning is alive and well today supporting our Martha’s Vineyard Family Planning Clinic, Health Imperatives.

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