Abortion Resources

We believe that abortions are essential care.

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Abortion Care

From Lucy, an island woman offering her help for those seeking abortion care.   If you would like to connect with her, please email Friends at fofpmvi@gmail.com and we will connect you to her.

“As an abortion doula, I offer support to people who are accessing abortion health care.  My role is to offer emotional and physical support throughout the process, and depends entirely on the care and resources that the person needs.  This will look different for everyone.  Support might include…

  • Answering questions about abortion services on Martha’s Vineyard

  • Finding providers, booking appointments, and accessing financial assistance, if needed

  • Navigating potential barriers or logistics concerns such as child care, transportation, meals

  • Offering strategies to help relieve discomfort

  • Offering a calm, receptive, and assertive presence to help ensure that the person receiving abortion care is respected, heard, and prioritized

If you’re interested in having doula support, we will have an initial conversation via phone or in person to discuss what a support plan can look like for you. Consent and privacy are central to our work together, and no services or supports will be provided without active consent.”