A vasectomy reimbursement program – Believe it or not, vasectomies are not available on Island. FOFP helps offset the costs of traveling off-Island for this procedure.
For more information on locations and reimbursement of expenses, please use our confidential email; fofpmvi@gmail.com

We work to raise awareness and money to reimburse up to $1000 per person for expenses to travel off island for abortions and vasectomies. Last year, 9-2018- 8-2019 we reimbursed $4,300, 11.80% of our total expenses, for women and men who need to travel off island for support. This fiscal year, $1968 for vasectomy and $593 for abortion, a total of 7.66% for 9 months of 2019 – 2020 expenses.