How to Support Us

Friends of Family Planning needs your help.  The Family Planning Clinic of Martha’s Vineyard provides essential healthcare services to Islanders. The clinic staff takes care of our women, our men, and our teens. Please help us to take care of them. Now, more than ever, we need your help.

Why more than ever? Unfortunately, this past year has been financially difficult for all of the family planning clinics in our region. Large deficits led to our entire clinic staff being furloughed for a week, and we remain worried about what the future might bring. It is at times like these that Friends tries to step forward with an even greater level of support for our clinic, but to do this we need to turn to you.  Please give as generously as you can. Our community depends on it. There are a myriad of ways that you can help support this worthy cause.

Become a Donor

Give a one-time gift here through our secure online server.  Donate online now.

Donate by Mail

Simply mail your check, along with your contact information (name, address, phone or e-mail) to

Friends of Family Planning of Martha’s Vineyard
P.O. Box 909
Vineyard Haven, MA  02568

Make a Bequest

Click here (jenn NULL.lynn NULL.chang null@null gmail Information on Making a Bequest) for more information on how to include Friends of Family Planning of Martha’s Vineyard in your will.

Volunteer for the Art Show Fundraiser or other Events

There are numerous ways that you can help us make our fundraisers successful.  Preparation for the Annual Art Show Benefit begins with planning meetings in January and February.  We welcome non-board member participation in both the planning and implementation of this event.  Possible jobs include, but are not limited to, brainstorming sessions, writing press releases, hanging posters, creating a program poster, working a shift at the art show or gala as a front desk person, soliciting and collecting dessert donations for the gala, being a server or bus person during the gala, setting up for the gala, tagging art for the art show.  The list of possibilities is endless.  Click here if you are interested in volunteering for the Art Show or other FFP fundraising events.

Become a Board Member

Friends of Family Planning of Martha’s Vineyard exists thanks to the hard work and generosity of its board members.  Responsibilities and benefits during the 3-year term as a board member include the following:


  • Attend our monthly board meetings (1st Wednesday of each month)
  • Support our Annual Art Show Fundraiser & other fundraising events
  • Actively participate on a minimum of one FOFP subcommittee
  • Assist with the Gala Event and the Annual Art Show and Sale on Memorial Day Weekend. 


  • Complimentary Annual Exam at the Martha’s Vineyard Family Planning Clinic
  • Satisfaction of supporting a necessary, worthwhile organization!

We are always in need of innovative ideas and fresh energy from new members.  Click here if you have an interest in becoming a board member.

Thank you!!!