Friends of Family Planning President Annual Letter

Dear Friends,

We are proud of the much-needed, affordable services that our Family Planning Clinic provides to the island community.  Knowing how the Clinic positively responds to the needs of our community makes it rewarding for us as the Friends of Family Planning Board to ensure that the clinic remains in good standing this year and for years to come. Individuals who rely on the clinic for healthcare say it best:

The collaborative care that Family Planning provides to our patients is outstanding.  We share many patients with them for various reasons from patient comfort to ability to pay for care.  Regardless, I can count on Family Planning to pursue care plans and make sure patients follow up when needed.  Family Planning is an essential part of healthcare on the island. 
Dan Pesch, MD
Martha’s Vineyard Hospital Obstetrics and Gynecology

“My appointments are very comfortable from start to finish.  The all-women staff is easier for getting tests, procedures, and to talk to.  All staff members are great!”  Clinic Patient

Only because of your generous support in 2011-2012, we were able to pay off one of our mortgages.  In the next five years, we will be working to chip away at our final mortgage for the building that houses the clinic.  This means that the Clinic will have a guaranteed, permanent space to operate and provide valuable services to patients.

Please join us this year and help support the Island’s Family Planning Clinic. We depend on your continued assistance.  Every donation makes a difference! Once again, you are able to donate on-line via our website.  If you decide to donate via U.S. mail, be sure to check out our website anyway: (http://www NULL.friendsoffamilyplanning  Thank you for being there for the clinic, and for the women and men of our community.

Warmest Regards,

Jennifer L.  Knight

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