Art Show – Thank You!

A cycle is complete! As you know, we paid off the mortgage and the clinic has a permanent Island home. Given this accomplishment, the board decided 2018’s Art Show was our last. We are sad to let it go after 28 years, but times are changing and so must we. The board looks forward to hosting more, smaller advocacy-based and fundraising events in 2019 and beyond.

Family Planning of Martha’s Vineyard opened its doors in 1978, providing reproductive health care services to women. Since then, Family Planning has experienced phenomenal growth and now offers a wide range of clinical, educational and advocacy programs for both women and men. Among the services we offer are STD screenings, morning after pills and a vasectomy reimbursement program.

Four years ago we purchased a permanent home for the Clinic and your continued support is vital.  Friends of Family Planning  is deeply grateful for your donations from the sale of your work. We welcome 100% donations of artwork, please let us know if you are interested and able! Your dedication, talent and hard work continue to make this show an overwhelming success.