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Please join us in our support for the island’s only family planning clinic.

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Our mission:


Friends of Family Planning of Martha’s Vineyard supports the Family Planning Clinic on the island. We support compassionate, inclusive, life spectrum sexual health care for all people in our community.

Our vision:

Our vision is an island where all people are empowered to access quality sexual health services in a non-judgmental, affirming, respectful environment.


Since 1985 Friends of Family Planning has worked diligently to raise funds to secure the services of the Martha’s Vineyard Family Planning Clinic, Health Imperatives, in our community.


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December, 2019

Beach Road Pop Up Brunch!

Molly’s Popup Brunch, congrats Molly Stevens and Olivia Patterson, and all board members of the committee.

June, 2019

Ritz Pop-Up Brunch!

Results are in from Molly’s Brunch at the Ritz! .Thank you first and foremost to Molly Stevens and Olivia Patterson for putting all of this together!! And to all of you who came to run the table to enjoy brunch and the bake sale! And, of course, to the Ritz.


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